"As first time dog owners, my husband and I were a bit nervous about taking the leap to bring a dog home. However, once we started working with Michael and Sara they put us at ease and made the entire process extremely easy! We knew we wanted a Labradoodle since they are known to be allergy-friendly, smart, and good with young children. Sara and Michael answered every question we had with a great deal of knowledge and professionalism. Even before our puppy (Murphy) was born we were kept up to date. Once the puppies were born we got weekly photos and were able to watch Murphy and his brothers and sisters grow through their first weeks. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful dog in our lives! We would absolutely recommend working with Sara and Michael as breeders to any of our friends and family!" -Betsy and Grant

"Mike, I just have to tell you --- I know you said how good the pups would be and such BUT Sydney exceeds all of our expectations-- and they were pretty high. She behaves so well that most people that greet her assume she's a mature adult-- it's only the happy wagging bottom that eventually gives her true age away. And she is an entertainer -- always ready to get everybody up and involved. But mostly she is lovable and adores attention-- which she gets plenty of. I never doubted for a minute that I chose the right pup for our family;) With appreciation" -SH

"Trudy is turning out to be a wonderful, sweet-tempered dog. We are so glad she is a part of our family. When we contacted you, we told you that we were looking for a dog that would make a good therapy dog and you recommended Trudy because she seemed to loved to be held and was a little more gentle than the other dogs in the litter. We are so glad we followed your recommendation because Trudy has turned out to have an exceptional personality. She seems to know exactly how to respond to each person she meets. We think she is going to make an excellent therapy dog. Thank you for making the process easy and for answering all of our questions and keeping us updated on Trudy each week until we were able to bring her home." -Sandberg Family

"My name is Gigi! I am now almost 14 months and am proud to be a pup from Marley and Parkers first litter. And am so grateful for the care that Marley's mistress and master Sara and Mike Birkenfeld gave us including insuring that all of us little pups would have good homes. I surely am happy. I have already flown across the ocean and spent my summer in Europe. I spent the time romping around with my master and mistress and their kids and 4 grandchildren, puppies like me as they are all under 6 years of age. I even had a nice friend Haike, a bearded collie to play with. She is the dog of my masters' grandchildren. We ran circle around everyone and dug holes, played and hiked with the kids, made friends with little lambs, chased balls, and learned to swim. Oh what amusement I had. Not so sure about the plane ride in the cargo but I did not suffer, but really happy when I arrived and full of life.. not so bad. I now have a passport so I will go back next year. I have learned many tricks. First I had a course in a dog school. Really too simple for me as I had learned everything from my master and mistress and very quickly.. simple stuff like sit, stay, lie down, wait…Ho hum. But more challenging than the 2 basic obedience classes was learning tricks outside where I love to run. I can catch balls mid air, and chase sticks and other toys. I can swim too and my mistress has taught me to "speak".. now I bark softly to her when I want something from her or she wants me to talk with her... I pretend to people talk.. They get the point.. take me out, play and feed me, which ever they think I want.. I am happy to stick around house close to my master and mistress and they take me on long walks in the orchards and fields each day. I began life in my new home, sleeping and resting in my training crate but now have moved on from my crate to their bed at night. I still retire to my crate during the day when I want a nap, it remains my sanctuary. The other day I visited my master and mistress' classes at a College where they work. I liked the students and they were wonderful to me. Now my mistress and master say they will take me to visit people that are confined to retirement homes…to bring them a woof of joy! I can do that because I love all the affection I can get. !!.. I love to be petted and brushed and loved. Since I am also a smallish pup it is easy to bring me everywhere. I take after my father I guess since I weigh 27 pounds and am 19 inches tall. It is nice to be useful. I have a wonderful dog's life!! I owe no small debt to my dame and my sire and to their master and mistress who helped me find my home. " -BB

"Piper just reached her first year of age, and we couldn’t be happier. We are truly blessed with the smartest, sweetest puppy we could ever imagine! Our children love the endless playtime and her unsolicited hugs. She is a wonderful addition to our family!" -Erik & Melissa

"Hi Mike and Sara, we must truly thank you again for such a wonderful addition to our family. Bumper has grown into such an amazing dog, I honestly can't put into words how much he means to everyone in our family. His personality is so sweet and he couldn't be more perfect in his playing/interactions with the children. We love and adore him and I'm still amazed we found such a wonderful dog, Thank you for bringing us this meaningful addition to our family (and thank you so much for putting up with me throughout the adoption process!) We would be happy to recommend you to any of our friends in the future." -Cindy (and family!)

"Charlie is doing great! He is growing like a weed and his training is going well. The kids just adore him. He is getting lots of love and attention - sometimes too much from my daughter but he is always gentle and sweet even when being bugged above and beyond what any normal human could stand!!" -Francis Family

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