We are excited that you may be interested in adopting a puppy from us! New puppies require A LOT of time, attention and love, especially through their first few months. Bringing home a new puppy is an amazing experience, but also a big decision and huge commitment! If this is a first dog for you or your family make sure everyone is prepared for a lot of new responsibilities! = )

Anyone who is interested in adopting a puppy from us may complete and submit an application for adoption. There is no fee to apply for a puppy, all that we require is that you review this adoption policy thoroughly and entirely before applying for a puppy. All applications will be reviewed promptly and families will be contacted as timely as possible. Families of approved applications will then be invited to place a deposit to reserve a puppy. Deposits (and requests) are accepted and filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. We reserve the right to make all final decisions regarding filling individual puppy requests.

We take all measures to ensure we are only breeding good, healthy dogs, free of health issues and disease including but not limited to genetic diseases, elbow and hip dysplasia, and cardiac disease. We proudly stand behind our puppies with a 2 year health guarantee. We strive to make all our families happy and will work hard to make sure everyone we work with is not only thrilled with their new dog but also the service/support they receive. We love our dogs and are proud of the quality of breed that we are able to offer.

We respect everyone's requests/desires for puppies of particular colors, coats, sizes, gender etc. We will always strive to meet all requests if possible but do ask you keep in mind that breeding is a natural process; sometimes nature makes decisions for us! We always reserve the right to substitute Stud dogs without notice if a circumstance arises where we need to do so. Please keep an open mind and be willing to be 'flexible' with requests in regards to color.

Planned litters will be announced on our 'Available Puppies' page as early as possible, and a reservation list will be formed for families with accepted applications who have placed a deposit. Deposits ($500) are non-refundable as we want families who are fully committed and ready to bring home a pup from that particular litter. Puppy visits and picks will occur when pups are 7 weeks old (after pups have received their first round of vaccinations). Puppy visits/picks occur when pups are 7 weeks old, NO SOONER. Only families who have fully paid for a puppy and signed our contracts are invited to come visit and meet the puppies at week 7, we do not offer public visits, both for the well being and safety of our puppies, our moms, and for the fact that we breed/operate in our home (as opposed to a kennel/store-front environment). When pups are 7 weeks of age families from the reservation list will be invited to come down, one after another (in the order of the reservation list) to meet the litter and select their puppy. Puppies will remain with us for one more week to receive identification microchips and be spayed/neutered between weeks 7-8. Your puppy will be ready to go home by 8 weeks of age (1 week after puppy visits/picks)! Puppy visit and 'go-home' dates are not flexible, we do breed/raise all of our puppies in our home, so for that reason we cannot board puppies past their 'go-home' date. We ask that any family who is adopting keep all weekends around visit/go-home dates available. Please don't try to squeeze in a vacation/trip right before/around your pup's go-home date as we've found this can often cause a lot of hassle in scheduling.

As of February 1, 2017 the cost to adopt one of our puppies is $3,210.00 ($3,000 plus 7% RI sales tax [$210]). The payment process goes like this: we require a $500 non-refundable deposit to hold a reservation for a puppy pick once your application has been approved. The next payment of $1200 will be due the week the puppies are born, at which time contracts (Purchase Agreement & Health Guarantee, both are viewable below) will be signed. The remainder of the balance and sales tax ($1,510.00 including tax) is due by the pups 5th week of age, no later. We require payment this way to ensure that we are only holding puppies for families with serious intent. The puppies first few months are an extremely crucial and important time for bonding with their new families. For this reason we strive to have our pups' 'forever homes' lined up as early as possible. We want all of our families to experience the joy and companionship Labradoodles have to offer, and our main focus is on finding happy, healthy homes for our pups!

Adoption Documents

Please be sure you have reviewed and are in agreement with our entire adoption policy (above), our Purchase Agreement, and our Health Guarantee before submitting an application/deposit.

Puppy Application

Purchase Agreement

Health Guarantee

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