Puppy waiting lists fill early so if you are interested in adopting a puppy from one of our upcoming litters please review our adoption policy (it explains the entire adoption process and may answer a lot of the questions you might have) then send us your completed application or feel free to contact us if you do still have any questions. While we do make all efforts to fill specific requests, please keep in mind that in the end, breeding is a natural process and there are a lot of elements that simply are not in our control such as timing, litter sizes, colors, sex, etc...

This litter is fully booked
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What a perfect match these two make! Remi is our small-medium multi-gen ALD, she measures 17" from floor to shoulder and weighs 26lbs. She has a gorgeous light apricot colored fleece coat, green eyes and a caramel nose. Her coat is soft to the touch and she really has that classic ALD teddy bear look going on with a personality to match! Remi is a people pleaser and loves going for walks and hanging in the yard with her family. Chewy is a minauture size Australian Labradoodle with a parti colored fleece coat. He is super loyal, makes amazing eye contact, and has a very old soul. His little goofy antics will keep you smiling all day and if you didn't know any better, you would think he was a stuffed teddy bear! These pups will have incredibly soft, straight/wavy, fleece coats. They will mature to weigh between 20-30lbs and stand 16-18" tall.
Reservation List
1. Cilli Family
2. Musk Family
3. Cassidy Family
4. Stowell Family
5. Young Family

This litter is fully booked
Can't wait to see these pups! Bernadette is our jet black small-medium ALD who has personality for days and the PERFECT temperament. She is a people lover and truly has the sweetest, kindest disposition ever! People fall in love with 'Bernie' the instant they meet her! Bernadette has an amazing straight jet black coat, black nose, stands 16 1/2" tall and weighs 25lbs. Atticus is a solid medium sized Australian Labradoodle who measures 18" and weighs 36lbs. He has a gorgeous dark caramel fleece coat, completely mesmorizing eyes (when you can see them) and this guy is an absolute floppy skippy love sponge! These pups will have incredibly soft, straight/wavy, fleece coats. They will mature to weigh between 30-40lbs and stand 17-19" tall.
Reservation List
1. Burke Family
2. Caplane Family
3. Katis Family
4. Kelmer-Racin Family
5. Hutchinson Family

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