Puppy waiting lists fill early so if you are interested in adopting a puppy from one of our upcoming litters please review our adoption policy (it explains the entire adoption process and may answer a lot of the questions you might have) then send us your completed application or feel free to contact us if you do still have any questions. While we do make all efforts to fill specific requests, please keep in mind that in the end, breeding is a natural process and there are a lot of elements that simply are not in our control such as timing, litter sizes, colors, sex, etc...

Now accepting applications for this litter!
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Nola & Mugsy! Nola is one of our true mini's, she stands just under 16" tall and weighs just under 20lbs. Nola is our super affectionate, bouncy, playful multi-gen ALD. She's amazing with people, super social and she often goes to work with her guardian mom who is a school teacher and will spend the day in the classroom interacting with all the kids! Mugsy comes to us courtesy of Ocean State Labradoodles, thanks again Stef for letting us use such an amazing stud!! Mugsy is also a super happy, playful and social guy. He has a stunning and super soft to the touch Crème fleece coat, gorgeous black pigment, beautiful expressive eyes, and the shortest most adorable muzzle ever! These two were such a great match previously we had to pair them again! These pups will have incredibly soft, straight/wavy, fleece coats and will mature to weigh between 20-30lbs and stand 16-18" tall.
Reservation List
1. Possible HBL future mama!
2. Riffkin Family
3. Graves Family
4. Anderson Family
5. --
6. --
7. --

Now accepting applications for this litter!
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So excited for Fiona's first litter! Fiona is our super social and SUPER affectionate mini chocolate mamma! Fiona is a true mini, she has a chocolate coat with white markings, chocolate nose and brown eyes. Fiona measures 15" from floor to shoulder and weighs 19lbs. She is so happy and full of life, she loves being with her family on the farm, playing with her brother Griffin and just spending time around the ones she loves! Jetty comes to us from Ocean State Labradoodles, another fine example of what a perfect Stud dog should be! He has an incredible dark apricot fleece coat, brown eyes and black nose. Jetty is a happy go lucky, social and loving guy. He knows no strangers, and will wag his tail like a propeller with excitement when he greets you! Jetty measures 18" from floor to shoulder and weighs 30lbs. Just to note, this is a litter of ALL BOY puppies = ) These pups will have incredibly soft fleece coats. These pups will mature to weigh between 20-30 lbs and measure 15-18" tall.
Reservation List
1. Donnelly Family
2. Marciniszyn Family
3. --
4. --
5. --

This litter is fully booked.
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What a perfect match these two make! We are super excited, our first litter of 2019 is definitely going to be a showstopper for sure! April is our adorable, goofy, cuddly girl. She is a super sweetheart and loves being around people. April has a Creme colored straight/wavy fleece coat. She is a medium size ALD who weighs 31 lbs and measures 18.5" floor to shoulder. Finn is a medium sized ALD, he measures 17.5" FTS, weighs 30lbs and has a gorgeous fleece Apricot colored coat. Finn has solid boning, gorgeous black pigment and beautiful big brown eyes! This guy is a total dream with a temperament impossible to not fall in love with. Finn comes to us from Ocean State Labradoodles. Big thanks as always for providing such a prestigeous stud! These pups will mature to weigh between 30-40 lbs and measure 17-19" tall.
Reservation List
1. Farnam/Hanrahan Family
2. Bonneau Family
3. Campbell Family
4. Stuart Family
5. Campbell Family
6. MacDonald Family
7. Pearson Family
8. Weatherley/Pacheco Family

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